Finally Gain Control Over Your Emotions

Our ability to regulate our emotions is vital. Every day situations and interactions with people around us provoke certain reactions and without the ability to control them, we can spiral down into a life filled with negativity. Certain emotional responses could be hindering you career, relationships and wellbeing. So, it’s very important that you learn how to gain control over your emotions.

Here’s a list of things that can help you do exactly that:


By now you probably have an idea about the things that trigger your negative emotions. Try to not put yourself in those types of situations. Understandably not all situations can be avoided at all times, but try your best to keep them to a minimum.


In order to avoid frustration, stop aiming too high. If you’ve aimed high and something hasn’t turned out like you thought it would, adapt the situation – don’t give up and further fuel your anger or frustration.

Shift Focus

When you encounter something that is causing you to feel negative in any way, try to shift your focus onto something else. I know this is easier said than done, but sometimes it needs to get done.

Thought Pattern

Some things in life are inevitable, you can’t control everything that does or doesn’t happen. What you can change is the way you perceive these things that are out of your control. Stop perceiving things so negatively. A simple shift in your thought pattern can really prove to make a big difference.

Delay The Response

When something happens it can be too easy to react immediately with a response, one which is backed up by emotion. Try to control the initial reaction, step back from the situation, try to wait a while so that your emotions “cool down” a bit. Then once they do, think about what reaction from your side would be appropriate.

With the help of these guidelines, emotions that have been in control for too long, no longer hold you down. When you live up to taking control over your emotions, you get to experience life to its greatest potential.

The emotions we feel are ours. So, it’s down to us to take control and make our life what we want it to be.

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