How To Become More Persuasive

Being persuasive when needed can really prove to help us get to where we want. It seems like the impossible personality trait that only people that are blossoming in the sales industry are good at. But you don’t only need to be persuasive if you’re in sales. Persuading is required in all segments of life.

Sometimes it’s needed, and without efficient persuasiveness you might not get what you want.

Here’s a list of things that can really help pinpoint what’s needed to be successful at persuading people:

Great Listener

Everybody knows that pushing your argument abruptly will only get you the exact opposite of what you want. Persuasive people are amazing listeners, without knowing the other side of the argument you won’t have a valid foundation to persuade upon.

Listen to the person you want to persuade as much as you can, show them that you care about making them happy too and try to prove to them that you want a win-win situation. People care about people that care about them. You’ll be surprised at how much this response triggers a positive action, sometimes you won’t even need to persuade.


Ever heard of the phrase “pick your battles”? Well when it comes to persuasion, pick them wisely. Going after what you want in a non-aggressive yet persistent and powerful way is almost a guarantee that you will get it. Try to not fight with people, avoid unnecessary arguments and aggressive approaches.

The calmer you are in going after something, the better results you get. Going in with aggression puts people in “defense mode” and by them being there, you’ve ruined your chances.


Acknowledge when other people are right, give them credit when they deserve it. That way when you are right, no one can dismiss you. They will be much more likely to pay you equal respect if you’ve showed them it before.

Give Back

You don’t have to win every battle. Make a little “sacrifice” every now and again. Don’t “fight” for your ground every single time, choose being successful. Think over the long term about things and give into the little requests of other people, no matter how “silly” they seem sometimes. It does pay off!

The art of persuasion can make or break a deal. If you know how to successfully apply persuasion to the needed situation, you will successfully gain the things you want in life.

Using these simple and concise guidelines you can easily help yourself become more persuasive.

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