The Art Of Setting The Right Goals

We perform significantly better when we have goals to follow. When we are committed to achieving certain goals we have an “inner guide” and get things done better. So, let’s consider that the goals we have are not good, our guide from within will then be leading us to the wrong place.

The art of setting the right goals is of high importance, so how do we set the right goals?

I’ve composed a list of guidelines to help anyone looking for a way to start setting the right goals and get on the way to success:

Smart Goals

Setting smart goals means anticipating future difficulties and measuring progress along the way. It’s also about creating goals that are effective and recognizing the suitable methods to pursue them. Both of these things are vital components in executing a proficient, motivational strategy.

Establishing a good motivational strategy is important. Motivation isn’t as consistent as we would like it to be, inconveniently, it doesn’t last long. Once it’s gone we risk losing the momentum needed to get things done.

Get Specific

Setting any type of goal can get difficult. It’s not an easy job, and if you don’t get into all the details and be specific about everything, you won’t be able to ensure a successful application of your plans.


Following your own progress has its advantages. When you actively follow up on where you are, in contrast to where you were, you encounter motivational checkpoints, which help you stay on track and push you faster towards successful end results.

Get Real

Not being realistic in life, brings and holds us down. When you set goals you need to remain realistic. Make sure you are attentive to your abilities and boundaries. We all have our limits, there is nothing wrong in having limits. Okay, one day you will get over those limits and make new ones for yourself – but until you do, start out small, you’ll never be able to start something big straight away. Take things one step at a time. Don’t plunge into something you are not ready for yet.

Timing is vital. If you are not ready for something now, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever be. Just take baby steps, and soon enough you’ll be doing things way past what you thought you initially could do.


I agree deadlines keep the pressure present, but without them and without pressure to some extent, nothing would get done. You need to set certain time spans in which you have to get things done. Now, you need to be very realistic with this too. Set the deadlines short, and you’ll set yourself up for disappointment and get the feeling of incompetence when you don’t manage to complete things on “time”. Set deadlines that stretch out for too long of a period and you’ll never get anything done.

Using the help of these guidelines, setting goals will never be a daunting task again.

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