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Dear friend,

I know exactly how you feel when you look at all the people out there who are getting ahead of you in life without having to put in an honest day’s work.

I know how it feels to work your butt off on a thankless job over 40 hours a week, only to be right back where you started at the end of the month – tired and moneyless.

I have worked my whole life and I can tell you that that road leads nowhere. There isn’t a reward at the end of it, just a penniless retirement that will drag on for far too long.

That is why I want to share something with you, something that has changed my life and something I know will change yours too.

All you have to do is…

Open Yourself To The Opportunities
That Are Out There

My name is Ron Sutherland,

After working for twelve years at a traditional job, I was introduced to the world of home-based business by a millionaire friend who shared a network marketing business opportunity with me.

I always knew I wanted something more, a better life, a life that would be more than just eating, sleeping and working.

I wanted to do more than just provide for my family, I wanted to be able to spend time with them and be there for them when they needed me.

So I joined a major home and health care product MLM company, hoping that it would be the tool that would help me achieve my goals, so I invested almost everything we had.

I was desperate to make this work because I wanted to be my own boss, I yearned for the good life I saw that all the successful distributors in my upline were living, but simply couldn’t replicate their results.

The next few years were a roller coaster of success and failure. Every time that I would build a good team it would fall apart and the income would disappear. I was ready to give up on this since I realized that only the people in my upline were making money, while the rest of us were simply working for them.

I decided to quit and focus my efforts on something else, this has taken far too much of my money and time to be worth the trouble.

After this I was introduced to online marketing and the whole making money online craze.

Just Because Something Is Popular
Doesn’t Mean That It Is Good

In November of 2000 I began my efforts to make a business from home. My goal was to make at least enough money to cover the costs of my MLM failure and maybe even have something left over.

I created a number of websites, paid for domains and hosting, I did everything I was supposed to do, but once again, no money.

After struggling to make a success online by using a website for learning SEO and similar tactics, I was encouraged to borrow $8,500 to spend on training and coaching.

So I maxed out my credit cards and then I used up all my savings on Google Pay-Per-Click and other paid advertisements.

In the months and years that followed I joined every opportunity available and bought every cookie-cutter system being sold online and at the end of the day I was in over my head about $25K, while only making a few dollars-worth of sales every month.

I was frustrated as hell because I knew other people were making it big, so what was happening to me?

Then, a few short years ago, just as I retired from my job after 40 years, I stumbled upon a new business opportunity.

I borrowed some of my retirement money, and invested another $16,000 on marketing and training only to get back a few thousand in sales.

My heart was crushed, and the top earners were all saying that I needed training, so I humbled myself and I purchased and read everything I could on improving my techniques.

I committed myself entirely. I studied everything I could find and tried every product I could get my hands on. But I wasn’t getting anywhere… or making much money.

After investing thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours learning, I was to discover that there was a missing link and that every system out there had a fundamental flaw...

You couldn’t scale your business and it wouldn’t work if the circumstances changed even a little.

So I got down to business. I was determined to correct these flaws myself and make the only system that can guarantee to be a worthwhile investment for anyone.

If There’s A Way, Great!
If There Isn’t, Make It!

I felt like a villain, I had completely ignored my family, and this whole thing was supposed to be for them and their benefit. It was like I woke up from a bad dream, I felt like a junky finally coming off the drug.

Things were clear to me now, it was time to take things into my own hands.

There Are Two Ways To Make Success Better:
To Succeed On Your Own And
To Share It With Others

Sometimes Success Is The Only Option

It ended up costing me a lot more than I thought it would, and even more than I thought I would ever be stupid enough to pay. I am talking about thousands and thousands of dollars of my savings that just went down the drain.

But it wasn’t all for nothing. In the process of dealing with these so-called “experts” I picked up quite a few tricks and even developed a couple of my own.

I started reading up on online marketing and attending seminars. I was quickly expanding my knowledge and applying what I knew.

Initial results were showing a lot of promise, in fact the whole thing worked much better than I had hoped in the beginning, and with some small adjustments, things were getting better every day.

You see, I sifted through all of those courses that I had been buying like a madman, and started extracting whatever little they had to offer and piled it all up until I had a solid base to work with.

From there it was easier to start building an effective system, and the best part was that it was easy to understand, because…

I started reading up on online marketing and attending seminars, consulting with experts and was even mentored by some of the biggest names in the business. I was quickly expanding my knowledge and applying what I learned.

Initial results were showing a lot of promise, in fact the whole thing worked much better than I had hoped for, and with some small tweaks here and there, things were looking better every day.

You see, I took all the things that I had already learned and the inflexible and rigid systems I already owned, and started altering and repurposing the techniques and methods.

From there it was easier to start building an effective system, and the best part was that it was easy to understand, because it was made by a regular guy, for regular people.

Now all it needed was a name, and I came up with…

You Just Have To Know
What Not To Do

So I started dabbling in tech investments until I stumbled upon online marketing and really took to it, it seemed like something perfect for me. I enjoyed it for the same reasons I loved Wall Street, but without all the stress and overworking.

It allowed me to keep my eye trained on business and developing it, but it was also a pretty hands-off kind of thing, it was more like a game than anything.

I could do it for a while and then leave it to go do something else like boating or skiing and when I returned it would still be right where I left it, ticking away and making money. I found it to be the most fun and engaging thing I did since I had retired and since it wasn’t about the money anymore, I could enjoy it on a whole other level. As I got better doing it, people started contacting me about it and asking me if I would like to give lectures on my techniques and methods…

I was stumped… What techniques? I was just doing it out of hobby, it wasn’t like I was a pro or anything, but it did get me thinking and I agreed to come along and discuss with others about how I did things and what I could possibly do to improve it.

That’s when I realized that there were a lot of people out there that were really struggling with this.

It was a classic supply and demand problem, since there was a huge demand supply was going up, only the suppliers were subpar. There were a lot of people out there who had bad products and systems but were selling them at a premium price because there were so many people looking for it.

And not only that, there were a lot of fraudsters and scam-artists who were looking to cheat honest people out of their money. I didn’t really like that, so I offered up my mentoring and coaching services to people and devised my own system.

A system that would deliver on its promises and wouldn’t cost a fortune, my…

Speedy Income

Proven Solution For All Of
Your Money Problems

I spent a lot of time ensuring that my system was as straightforward and understandable as it could be and the effort wasn’t for nothing.

I managed to make something that is unlike anything that is out there because unlike other “systems” and “schemes”, it will work for anyone, under any circumstances.

Best of all, I managed to pack it in a well-rounded and comprehensive package that will ensure that you don’t miss any steps and that you always know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

So here are just some of the things that you will learn from it:

bullet How to be certain that you have the sure-to-sell products that will bring you the highest commissions
bullet The ins and outs of setting up autoresponder emails, putting your business on autopilot so you can spend more time enjoying life
bullet Precisely how to build the best, most powerful squeeze pages that will convert your visitors into big profits

And much, much more!

Once you get going you’ll see that this isn’t exactly brain surgery, but an all-round package that is easy to follow and easy to do.

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A Solid And Tested Way To
A Six-Figure Income

Believe me when I say that, there is nothing out there that even comes close to the effectiveness and usability of my system. I have tried almost every get-rich-quick scheme that is out there and I know what I am talking about.

This is a system that will enable your business and your profit to grow and most importantly, it will grow with it.

It is able to adapt to the market and the ever-changing trends, so you won’t have to abandon it and buy a new one every few months. Its adaptability and scalability mean that you will never worry that your profits will drop, and you will be able to decide for yourself exactly how much money you want to make.

Being A Businessman Myself, I Honestly Thought About Jacking Up The Price
Of My Course, To About $284

I didn’t set out to make money with my course.

It wasn’t exactly part of my plan.

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that jacking up the price crossed my mind more than once.

Hey, if you knew you had something worth a million in your possession, wouldn’t you want to sell it at the highest possible price?

Come on, be realistic. Who wouldn’t?

Then again, that would just be in contrast with everything I stand for.

No, that’s really not my goal.

Beside wanting to share my solutions and experiences, I really want to make it accessible to the everyday man. How can I expect to do so if I jack the price up to almost $300?

This is why I decided for my prices to be rather symbolic.

This is why I am never going to charge you $300… not even $200… no, I’m actually going to be selling it for a measly $37!

Yup, that’s right… $37!

If you’re asking ‘Why so low?’ let me tell you something.

I feel like this ‘measly’ price stands for the universal opportunity for everyone to be able to reach their goals, dreams and achieve success.

Which is my goal.

To be able to provide my help to any reaching hand out there.

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Your 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I invite you to use my Speedy Income Method  course and maximize your income by using my methods as much as you want in the next 60 days. And if for whatever reason you’re not absolutely amazed by the results you’re getting, just send me an email and I’ll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Trust me, I won’t take it personally, not all of us are the same!

So, whatever reason you may have, I believe it’s legit. Who knows, maybe you think my voice is annoying, or the overall presentation isn’t appealing to your eye, anything is possible, but one thing is for sure - you will get a refund with absolutely no questions asked.

You see, what I am doing here is taking all the risk on my back, so you have nothing to worry about. I’m not here to scam you, I’m not here to take your money and make a run for it. Trust me when I say, that I care.

I Wasn’t Going To Give
Up Or Stop There!

There was definitely no stopping me. I wasn’t done yet, my dream of spending time with my family was all the inspiration I needed.

I had met people that made a lot of money online, so I knew it could be done, I just needed to find a legitimate way.

It was Around this time that I discovered Affiliate Marketing.

At first, I was pretty doubtful as I had already lost a lot of money on scams.

I started purchasing ebooks and courses that taught me all about how promoting products would earn me huge commissions, based on the number of successful sales I had.

While it seemed like an interesting and simple process,

To start getting the kind of results I just described, all you need to do is click on
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access to my course

Only $37

I like sharing my story with other people and seeing it inspire them to finally take matters into their own hands and make the changes to their lives they so desperately need. I hope you decide to just that!

- Ron Sutherland.

Ron   Sutherland

P.S. I hope that you were also inspired and that you will do what it takes to make your life all that it can be and all that you deserve. This unique opportunity won’t be on the table forever and I urge you to ACT NOW and take the steps that will make you wealthier and happier.

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